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Summary of Terms and Conditions for Renting a Photo Booth from Betty Booth AB


Denne opsummering er her for at give dig et hurtigt overblik over vores vilkår. Når du booker hos os, betyder det, at du accepterer alle vilkårene, ikke kun opsummeringen. Læs venligst hele vilkårsteksten igennem, før du bekræfter din booking.​

1. About the Supplier: Betty Booth AB offers photo booth rentals for events, governed by these terms when you rent from us.


2. Ownership and Usage: Upon booking, you gain the right to use the photo booth, which must not be misused or jeopardized in its ownership.


3. Rental Period: The standard rental period typically spans from one day to the next. We will clearly communicate delivery and return times on the Website, bookingsystem, by email and/or other. Late returns or incorrect return locations may incur additional fees and affect our brand or service.


4. Payment: Choose between immediate credit card payment or invoice payment (with a 30-day term and a 70 DKK invoice fee).


5. Delivery and Return:


5.1 Delivery is by courier to your address or the nearest pick-up point, arriving at least one working day before the event. Return it using the same method one working day after the event. Delays may incur a fee of at least 1000 DKK per day.


6. Cancellation Policy:


6.1. Withdraw within 24 hours of booking without penalty.

6.2. Cancel 31+ days before the event for a 25% cancellation fee.

6.3. Cancel 30 days or fewer before the event for a 100% cancellation fee.

7. Care, Service, and Support: Report any issues immediately to allow us the chance to rectify them. Test the equipment upon receipt and during the event day.


8. Liability and Insurance: Included insurance covers normal damages (not theft or fire), with deductibles of 6000 DKK for Betty Booth and 3500 DKK for Betty Light (reduced to 1000 DKK with Insurance Plus).


9. GDPR Compliance: Your personal data is protected under GDPR. You may opt out of marketing use or request image deletion.


10. Marketing Use: We may use images or designs associated with the rental for marketing, with options for you to opt out or request image deletion.


11. Termination: Either party may terminate the agreement for material breaches, with specific consequences outlined.


12. Force Majeure: We're not liable for service delays or failures due to uncontrollable events.


13. Dispute Resolution: Disputes are resolved through mediation or arbitration in Stockholm, under Swedish law.


General terms and conditions for renting a photo booth from Betty Booth AB
(Updated 2024-03-22)

Changes to our terms and conditions are made continuously and are available on this page. Significant changes that affect your booking will be communicated via email. If you do not accept our terms and conditions, please discontinue the use of this website immediately. Continued use of our website implies acceptance of our updated terms and conditions.

1. About the Supplier Betty Booth AB ( 559230-2755)

1.1. The supplier Betty Booth AB provides photo solutions for events and social media, as well as related equipment such as Photo Booths ("the Object"). These general terms and conditions ("the Terms") apply when a person or company ("the Customer") chooses to rent equipment from the supplier Betty Booth AB ("the Supplier").

2. Ownership, etc.

2.1. An agreement is concluded when the Supplier has received the Customer's order and a written agreement has been reached (including email) ("the Rental Agreement"). The Customer obtains the right to use the Object during the Rental Period through the Rental Agreement. The Customer is well aware that they may not act in violation of the Terms or in any way that endangers the Supplier's ownership of the Object. To avoid any misunderstandings, the Object may not be pledged, transferred, loaned, or sublet without the written consent of the Supplier.​

2.2. "Betty Light" and "Betty Booth" rentals are delivered at least one working day before the event and must be returned the following working day.

3. Rental Period

3.1. The delivery and return times for the Object are determined by the Supplier and are clearly communicated to the Customer via the Supplier's website or booking system. The Customer is required to adhere to these times to ensure the smooth operation of services and availability of the Object for subsequent customers.


3.2. If the Customer fails to return the Object or make it available for the Supplier's collection at the specified time, the Supplier is entitled to charge additional rent for the duration of the delay. Furthermore, the Customer may be held responsible for any financial damage or harm to the Supplier's brand reputation, including but not limited to the inability to provide the Object to subsequent customers.


3.3. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that "Betty Light" and "Betty Booth" are returned on time and to the correct location or delivery firm as specified by the Supplier. Failure to comply with these return conditions may result in additional charges and liabilities for the Customer.


4. Rent and payment


4.1. The Customer and the Supplier agree on the amount to be paid for the rent of the Object, including additional services according to the Rental Agreement for the Rental Period ("Rental Amount").


4.2. Payment can be made via card payment or invoice payment. For invoice payments, upon entering the Rental Agreement, the Customer will be invoiced for the Rental Amount with a payment deadline of 30 days. An invoice fee of 70 DKK, including VAT, will be applied. In the event of non-payment or late payment, the booking may be forfeited, and the Supplier retains the right to charge the Customer for any incurred costs, losses, or inconvenience. Furthermore, availability for the Rental Period cannot be guaranteed. Additional charges will apply for alternative invoicing systems, paper invoices, e-invoicing requirements, or payment terms extending beyond 30 days, at a rate of 300 DKK, including VAT.


4.3. If the Customer does not provide correct invoicing information before the first invoice is sent out, an additional fee of 130 DKK will be charged for changing the invoice.


4.4. The Supplier reserves the right to request reasonable security, such as a deposit or credit card authorization, from the Customer to ensure the fulfillment of the Customer's obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


4.5. In the event of delayed payment and/or if the Customer avoids reminders, the Supplier reserves the right to charge the agreed-upon amount from the Customer's credit or debit card used for the transaction. This charge will be in accordance with our pricing rules and is intended to cover administrative costs associated with the delayed payment.

5. Delivery and Return


5.1. Betty Light:


5.1.1. Delivery: Betty Light will be delivered by a courier either directly to the client's address or to the nearest pick-up point, depending on the courier service. The specific delivery method will be confirmed prior to the rental period.


5.1.2. Return: The return process mirrors the delivery method. If the equipment was delivered directly to the client, the courier will collect it from the client's address the day after the rental period ends. If delivered to a pick-up point, the client is responsible for returning the equipment to the same pick-up point using the enclosed return label. Delayed returns may incur a fee of 1000 DKK per day.

5.2. Betty Booth:


5.2.1. Delivery: Betty Booth will be delivered either directly to the client's address or to a pick-up point. The delivery method will be specified prior to the rental period.


5.2.2. Return: The equipment must be returned in the same manner it was delivered. If the equipment was delivered to a pick-up point, it should be returned there. If it was delivered directly, the courier will collect it from the client's address. Delayed returns may incur a fee of 1000 DKK per day.


6. Cancellation Policy


6.1. Withdrawal Right: The right of withdrawal applies only within 24 hours of booking, as we reserve the machine and initiate preparations for the rental.


6.2. Rebooking: If the Customer wishes to rebook the Object to another day, this can be done without an extra rebooking fee, provided that the new day is available, the price is the same or lower, and the rebooking is made at least 1 day before the original pick-up/delivery day. If the new booking is more expensive, an additional fee will be charged for the difference.


6.3. Cancellation Fees (31+ Days Before Event): If the Customer cancels the booking 31 or more days before the agreed pick-up/delivery day, a cancellation fee of 25% of the Rental Amount will be charged, regardless of whether payment has been made.


6.4. Cancellation Fees (30 Days or Less Before Event): If the cancellation occurs 30 days or less before the agreed pick-up/delivery day, a cancellation fee of 100% of the Rental Amount will be charged, regardless of payment status.


6.5. Supplier Cancellation: In the event of cancellation by the Supplier, the Customer will be refunded the total Rental Amount.


6.6. Coronavirus-related Restrictions: the Supplier is not responsible for restrictions related to the coronavirus. The stated cancellation policy applies even in the event of such restrictions affecting the rental.

7. Care, Service, and Support


7.1. Fault Reporting and Rectification: When renting the Object without the Supplier's direct handling, the Customer must inspect the Object's condition throughout the Rental period. Immediate reporting of any faults is required. The Supplier commits to swiftly address and rectify reported faults or replace the equipment if feasible. Failure to report faults during the Rental period negates the possibility of compensation for issues that could have been resolved with timely notification.


7.2. Customer Responsibilities: The Customer is accountable for the Object's care and maintenance during the Rental period. Betty Booth's photo booths are delicate electronic devices that require careful handling. Mishandling, such as exposure to shocks or incorrect transportation, may impair functionality. The use of the machine outdoors is not recommended, especially in extreme temperatures, as it is designed to operate within +5 to +25 degrees Celsius. Thethe Object should be powered by a stable wall outlet; using an unstable power source like a battery can lead to operational issues. Unauthorized repairs or modifications are prohibited, and any damage or loss caused by the Customer does not exempt them from the rental fee. Immediate notification to the Supplier is required for any loss or damage.


7.3. Instructions and Handling: The Customer will receive comprehensive instructions for the Object's installation and use.


7.4. Damage Documentation: Prior to use, the Customer should document any existing damage or wear by taking photographs and emailing them to the Supplier. This step is crucial to avoid potential liability for pre-existing damages.


7.5. Equipment Return and Inspection: Upon return, the Supplier reserves the right to inspect the equipment and document its condition. Any discrepancies from the original inventory may lead to charges based on our deductible rules to cover repair or replacement costs.

8. Liability and Insurance


8.1. Customer Liability: The Customer is responsible for compensating the Supplier against any damages or loss of the Object during the Rental Period. Immediate notification to the Supplier is required if the Object is lost or damaged.


8.2. Mandatory Insurance: The Customer must maintain insurance that covers scenarios such as loss or fire where the Object might be involved, excluding damages directly related to the operational function or physical integrity of the Object itself during the Rental Period.


8.3. Supplier's Liability: The Supplier is accountable for any defects or deficiencies in the Object and the direct damages that may result. Liability is limited to the Rental Amount unless gross negligence is proven. For installation-related damages, liability is capped at what the Supplier's insurance covers.


8.4. Object Insurance: Customers are automatically insured against physical damage to the Object, with a deductible of 6000 DKK for Betty Booth and 3500 DKK for Betty Light. This insurance covers physical damage occurring during the contract period but excludes loss of money, valuables, theft, property damage, personal injury, and digital data.


8.5. Insurance Plus: For an additional 250 DKK, customers can opt for Insurance Plus, reducing the deductible to 1000 DKK for both Betty Booth and Betty Light. This add-on follows the same terms as the standard insurance.


8.6. Deductibles: The deductible is the portion of the damage cost the customer is responsible for. It must be paid within 30 days of the damage discovery.


​9. GDPR Compliance


9.1. General Information: Since May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect, replacing the Personal Data Act (PUL) and applying across all EU countries.


9.2. Description of GDPR: The GDPR aims to protect individuals' rights concerning their personal data. Personal data includes any information that can identify a person, such as name, address, phone number, and email. Information related to bookings, sales, and activities is considered non-personal and is governed by trade secret and accounting regulations.


9.3. Data Controller: The Supplier determines the purposes and means of processing the personal data provided by the Customer.


9.4. Data Storage:


9.4.1. For the Customer: When you inquire about renting the Object, your personal data is stored in our booking system. This also applies if you subscribe to our newsletter. Your personal data will not be deleted unless you request its removal.


9.4.2. For Users of the Object: When individuals use the Object, their personal data is retained in our system for a maximum of 60 days. Email addresses and phone numbers entered into the Object are stored for up to 180 days.

9.5. Personal Data Incident: In the event of a data breach or unintentional loss of personal data, the Supplier will document the incident and notify the Data Protection Authority and affected individuals within 72 hours.


9.6. Register Extract: Customers have the right to access the personal data stored about them by the Supplier.


9.7. Data Deletion: Customers can request the deletion of all their personal data held by the Supplier. This does not include non-personal information related to bookings, sales, and activities, which is protected as trade secrets and governed by accounting regulations.

10. Logo/Design and Image Use for Marketing Purposes


10.1. Logo/Design Submission: The Customer is responsible for selecting a design from the Supplier's templates or submitting their own design no later than 14 days before their event. If the Customer submits their design late, the Supplier will endeavor to accommodate the request, but the inclusion of the logo/design in time for the event cannot be guaranteed.


10.2. Use of Logo/Design: The Supplier reserves the right to use the Customer's logo/design for marketing purposes. The Customer must explicitly opt out in writing if they do not wish their logo/design to be used.


10.3. Image Distribution: Images captured by the Object may be digitally sent to the Customer who made the booking. Both the Customer and the Supplier can use these images for marketing purposes, adhering to GDPR and relevant privacy laws.


10.4. User Consent: Users of the Object have the right to request the deletion of their images or to specify that their images are not to be used for marketing purposes. Without such a request, images may be used as described above.


10.5. Image Deletion: Users can contact the Supplier to request the deletion of their images from the Supplier's database or to state that their images should not be used for marketing purposes. The Supplier is committed to promptly complying with these requests in line with GDPR regulations.


11. Termination


11.1. The Rental Agreement may be terminated immediately by either party if there is a material breach of the terms and conditions by the other party.


11.2. A material breach includes, but is not limited to, providing misleading information, failure to pay rent or other dues on time, suspension of payments, insolvency, or any significant disregard of the Rental Agreement provisions by the Customer.


11.3. Upon termination due to breach, the Customer must cover all associated return/retrieval costs of the Object and settle any outstanding payments.


11.4. Early termination results in the immediate cessation of the Customer's right to use the Object, and the Customer must promptly return or make the Object available for collection by the Supplier.


12. Force Majeure


12.1. The Supplier is not liable for non-fulfillment of obligations if prevented or significantly hindered by circumstances beyond reasonable control, including governmental actions, legislation changes, labor conflicts, natural disasters, or accidents.


12.2. In force majeure situations, the Customer may withhold payment proportionate to the unfulfilled services. If force majeure substantially delays the Supplier's obligations, the Supplier may terminate the Rental Agreement immediately.


13. Dispute Resolution


13.1. Disputes should first be addressed through mediation under the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Mediation Institute's rules, applying Swedish law. If unresolved within three months, arbitration under the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute's rules for simplified proceedings will follow.


13.2. Mediation and arbitration will occur in Stockholm, governed by Swedish law. Disputes over rental claims up to two basic amounts are exempt from this clause.

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